Biochemist vs escort

Ultimate disappointment: my relatives wanted me to become an escort, and I became a biochemist. I know, it sucks.
For undergraduate student in sciences, the living is not pretty at all. There are all kinds of problems in there.

For example

1) Sub-human treatment. Profs are talking to you as to a low-life. There are some rare cases that would treat you fine, but most of the time they will let you know who you are )
Escort can be treated really great by a few people she is in touch with. With respect and consideration.
2) No support from anyone – you just have to suck it up. Everybody does it, so don’t complain, shut up and study.
Escort can get support from their friends, community.
3) No money, all dues. For a really long time. That is usually a great uplift for psyche )
Escort has money ) Can save up and make themselves financially safe for life.
4) Potential drug abuse (ritalin, cocaine, sleeping drugs, alcohol, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics). Those lecture slides won’t read themselves.
Escort can spend time working on their calmness, happiness, and in worst case scenario has money to get help.
5) Discarded from society, as you need to be removed from life to get all the A’s. Cannot go travel for a bit or just do nothing.
Escort is within a cool community and friends.
6) See people at their most vulnerable state – anxious, depressed, disappointed, lost. Confused. Forced.
Escort sees those few people they like in a happy, nice environment of mutual respect and exploration.
7) Lying for a living – making it look like you really enjoy it, but wanting to just go, have some fun, make some money, travel, buy something nice… An apartment, for example.
Escort talks to a lot of people and doesn’t have to lie much.
8) Being always scared for the future. Whether you can get into that lab is a matter of luck… Getting a job is kinda of a luck, and getting paid 30$ per hour… It a top notch thing in the beginning.
Escort can get financial safety for the future from early times.
9) Cannot tell people about what you REALLY do. Nobody wants to hear about that enzyme that removes that phosphate group from that other enzyme
Escort can talk about pretty much everything – to be easy to talk to, flirty, bright.
10) Your pim… sorry, profs always know where you should go, what to do, what to read. They get pissed if you do it elsewhere. They will let you know their way is the only one.
Escort can be happily independent and decide what she does herself.
11) Danger to health. Cortisol, obesity, low immunity.. system.. Diabetes from overeating… Not enough strength to exercise.
Escort has more time to take care of her body and strength.
12) Trading your body. It has to sit all day on the ass, and read something it doesn’t want.
Escort can do it few hours 1 day a week and then spend the rest of the time for self-development
13) You often dislike the prof and the mandatory course, you have to fake interest to their subject during office hours.
Escort can pick people she likes.
14) You don’t have time for anything else and that’s the only thing you do.
Escort has a lot of time for self-development.
15) Reaction from friends: they really don’t understand why you are not being an escort instead.
Escort’s friends cheer for her )
16) Uncertainty: the first lecture of the new course could generate anxiety and uncertainty. No prof would introduce themselves before the course starts.
Escort can get to know her guy in advance through phone call, emails, etc, get the vibe and then decide to meet.
17) Condom won’t save you from anything.
Escort… well, you know.
18) One can get really, really, really tired of studying. And there’s no taking a break.
Escort can take breaks when she wants and rest, and refresh.
19) Gravity will take its toll. Brain will stop working. There’s no plastic surgery for saggy brain.
Escort can stay beautiful for a really long time )

I can continue, but it’s time for a beauty sleep. Have to study tomorrow morning…