Am I good?

Of course, if you see me, I will not provide a dfe (dead fish experience), but also, there’s no guarantee that we will click.
When I started being an escort, I used to try to be that “everything for everybody” experience, and I used to hide my personality because when I listed the things that I liked, people could think I was just trying to sell myself. But for example, if you travelled, if you learned some things, if you read 100s of books, if you explored every single day, should you hide it? Things we do, things we should be proud of. We don’t need to hide them thinking that there’s someone that would judge it. The skill, the depth, the never-ending learning, the passion that might seem strange to others. The honesty and that valuable feeling of trying not to be on the stage pretending to be someone we are not.

Long story short, I tried to pretend and hide, and it didn’t feel good. Many of us live our life performing on different levels, in the family, at work, at school, at the gym. Why on earth should we do that when it comes to one of the most honest interactions, such as seeing each other in a beautiful appointment bubble? I started expressing myself, and I found that it changed things for much better.
There is a line between sharing all kinds of personal information and being honest, open. But after all, when you feel connected and enjoy someone, for two hours or two days or two weeks, does it need to involve knowing their passport name or the home address? People know each other for 10-20 years and still cannot say a simple “I need to take a break for a few days” or “I didn’t like that, what can we do to change that?”. They still know nothing about one another.
I think it just needs the talking, the joking, being goofy (which I am)—saying that sometimes a burger on a bench looking at the sunset is better than most of the posh restaurant experience. Or a few hours hiking in the woods (with some kinky, of course) is so much better than experiencing the most renowned resorts with a spa. And the gift like a rock or a 3d printing filament is better than the designer bag.
I ended up rewriting my bio to express who I am, and I was afraid that it would repel people, but it didn’t. I guess I am lucky.

I appreciate every moment of what I have right now, and I love when I am contacted by people who already know who I am. Well not fully but to a certain extent.
It is a fantastic trip for me, and I don’t know what will be in the future, but the present is something I want to cherish, and I am grateful for that.

Am I good? I am for some; I am not for others. It’s just normal. In any kind of settings. But I don’t think that I will ever stop looking for people that I can connect to, as basically, I will feel simply dead if I stopped looking.

I love all those science jokes, or playing around, or taking time to explore the subtle things. I don’t think we have a lot of time to waste anyway. We keep saying to ourselves that something not-so-good is temporary, but it turns into forever. I don’t want that shitty forever, but I want the beautiful now, and I will fight for it with every tool that I have.