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Your Sparkly LoverKatrina Breza

About Me

Your hot science nerd with a twisted sense of humour and a dirty mind.

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Let me tell you a bit about myself

I love adventure and sensuality in life and I'm here to explore the new sides of sexuality, passion and intimacy. 

I'm very energetic and love trying new things. 

I'm a full-time student, I got my second degree in Toronto and now have moved to upstate NY as I enrolled in PhD program. I can travel between Buffalo and Syracuse easily, and I am also frequently in Toronto, however the times need to be planed in advance for me to plan my lab work and trips. If we partner up in willing to enjoy each other and in trying to accommodate one another, we will surely have an amazing time together. 

As you can see, I spend a lot of time following my dream scientific path. I have started teaching now and have a very cool job in that area. 

I believe that what happens between two people is magical and always different depending on the mood, energy, types of personality. I also believe that if I have some feelings that can become a part of my psychological state, I should just enjoy them. No matter how and where I get them. 

I tend to be always positive, and if I continuously feel that something is not working I would smile and walk away. 

During the encounters, I do not look at my phone unless it's appropriate (you are busy or I explain why), and concentrate on you and me as much as I can. I think we both deserve it, don't we? If it's a longer date that needs some of my time to dedicate to my school or sending a few messages to my work team, I will tell it in advance. Anyway, my phone is always silenced, and my body parts and psyche are always on. 

I'm also very good at massage =) Mostly deep massage that helps to relax and if I'm lucky work on the tense parts of the body. 

My Interests

Besides exploring the intimacy…

I love sciences, and am going to school to get my second degree. (mostly biology and chemistry). I have a lot of interests, ideas and plans related to this area. I play chess regularly and I am fairly decent. I started 5 years ago and found it an amazing challenge for my brain. 

I’ve done a lot of scuba-diving and love it. 

Occasionally I do some things that would push my limits, like sky-diving or getting somewhere high, or go rock climbing.

I love martial arts and have been doing this for a few years. 

I like running and hiking. 

I’m a decent long-tennis player and will make you run =). 

I will also make you run in badminton or ping-pong, but I tend to avoid those when I am heavily in long-tennis as it screws up my stroke. 

I like long walks and trekking. I picked up rock climbing recently again, and I bike frequently. 

I read a lot and I am very educated, also well-travelled (been to 40+ countries), and love getting to know new things in pretty much any area. I'm proficient in going around, and I like planning my trips, because it's a pleasure. 

I like sunsets, walks in nature, being active and romantic. 

I don't smoke, I drink rarely and just a little, because I like to embrace my life with the clearest mind, that is how I enjoy it most. I don't appreciate the effect that different drugs have on me, because it takes away my self-awareness and the subtle forms of sensuality. Although I have tried many in my early 20s. 

If we are together I like to be showing initiative. I like the touch, I think I cannot get along without warm touch for too long =). I like tenderness, consideration, letting to know each other how we both can enjoy each other at the most. 

My sense of humour is a bit silly, I like to laugh a lot. I laugh at my jokes and you might find it awkward. Sometimes I can joke about inappropriate things =). If you’d like to get an idea of my personality as well as my naughtiness, have a look at my twitter and OnlyFans page that’s linked below.

I had different kinds of experience in my life and along with some hardships, and had a much larger amount of pleasures and self-development, which makes me want to generally be more honest and straightforward to people because nobody knows how much time we have. Wasting it thinking that "good times" will sometimes come would just be a waste. If they don't come today, they might never come. 

I am comfortable with the dynamics of both short and long-term dates (my longest experience was a month long date, and most of my dates recently are a few days long or more. I hope that I can make a great companion for both types of encounters and anything in between. 

I am totally comfortable going to sleep early and waking up with the sunrise. I guess I'm an early bird rather than a midnight owl. 

If you want to know a little more about me, you can find me on Twitter, I started it 2 years ago. Also you can check my blog on my website, or my answers on curiouscat. That would give you a deeper idea. 

A deeper idea about my... well... my kinkier side you can get on my onlyfans. All links are on my Twitter. 

I like talking about our ideas, I like roleplay, I like to just do everything that makes us comfortable and enjoy it. I had a girlfriend for quite sometime, and then another one, and I know how to enjoy a girl or 2 people at the same time. 

During COVID times I started cooking but I'm not sure I am brave enough to cook for you on our date. Maybe you cook for me instead, or we do it together. But I love eating delicious food. Especially salads and seafood. 

Truly deeply wetly yours, Katrina.


Height: 174

Weight: 140 lbs

Age: 32

Eyes: Green

Hair: Long, Blonde

Body Type: Athletic

Bust size: B

Dress Size: L/M

Shoe Size: 7.5/8

Smoking: No

Drinking: Casual

Tattoos and Piercings: No

Verified Slixa Tryst

The sexuality...

The sexuality is a creature of its own. It doesn't obey rules and doesn't follow scenarios. It can be truly unexpected, opening us a totally new world of unexplored and unknown.

Not only every person is different, but also we can be different day by day, and something that worked one day could possibly not work another day.

This is up to us to explore it, find out the hidden desires, the little things that make the intimacy rich and full.

From gentle exploring to wild action, from trying to do the same thing different ways to see what's the best, we can find the right way for the body to reveal its cravings to enjoy the most.

We can spoon and cuddle, or jump on each other as soon as the door opens, we can gently talk and barely touch or say dirty things, taking what we want... Either way, it's a way to discover the live sexuality within ourselves.

It's nice to be able to share the warmth and care for 1 hour or 1 month, it doesn't matter for how long. It's nice to be able to give and receive, and only feel great about it.

Let's get to know each other!

Let me know a little bit about yourself so we can start enjoying each other!