How to pay

🟣 Etransfer to my email. Don't forget to tell me the password please πŸ™‚

🟣 Gift cards from any brand that is listed here

Kindly keep in mind that I cannot accept Amazon gift cards

🟣 Additionally to the pages listed on the presents page, almost every store like uber, starbucks, give a possibility to buy a gift card from their direct website (for example, Please make sure it is bought from the Canadian website (.ca), not the American website (.com)

🟣 Bitcoin payment to the wallet 1Q3rLcdjbZiaTCr1eXWGrvxtB74pMpXgcX

🟣 If it's difficult to make an online transaction due to obvious reasons, a physical gift card can be bought at the store. You can add some cash there, scratch the code and send me a picture.

🟣 Also there are numerous gift and prepaid cards in almost every store such as 7-11, Shoppers and many more. Buy, add, scratch, send, get in touch!

🟣 If you know another provider that I know really well, and have a stellar reputation with her, I can consider dropping the deposit and accept everything when we see each other.