A little intro, or how I first thought about being an escort.

I went through the cycle of school-university-finding an office job, till I moved to Canada and finally was able to realize my dream ). I was a straight A student at school, I worked hard at uni and I had a career at work. But… My dreams were always with Mary )

I grew up in a very strict family. Step right, step left were not allowed, and every minute of my time was accounted for to fill it in with “useful” stuff. Needless to say, my family also didn’t have a lot of free time, time when you can just sit and contemplate, or go to the street and wander around without purpose, or learn a weird language without any goals. I can continue forever )
One thing my parents told me so many times, is that if I don’t follow a strict timeline of school-university-job-find a husband-give birth-another one-grandchildren-die, I will become one of the 2 things: a janitor or an escort.
As an example I was shown that “Mary” girl from the next building that was “hanging out with boys” and “God knows what else she is doing”.
God only also knew how much I wanted to be the “Mary” )
My parents said Mary was touched… And I desperately wanted to be touched. They said, Mary is riding the motorbikes with them and comes home at midnight… I would give everything to try being a Mary for a few days.
Anyways, according to my parents and the rest of my relatives, Mary was a whore, a slut, a hoe, dirty inappropriate nympho that didn’t follow the rules absolutely anything that was not tolerated by my family. I was told, if I walk too late – means I’m a whore. If I talk to guys too much at school, I’m a slut! If I want to walk around and wear anything but loose clothes, I’m dirty minded twisted girl. Around that time I realized that if my parents were so against it, that must be the ultimate, quintessential fun )