Best time for intimacy

The ability, or rather the skill, to embrace intimacy and enjoyable feelings without feeling sad about not having them has been one of the greatest things I’ve learned over the years. Being fully present in the moments when I can connect with others and explore a caring and supportive relationship is important to me, regardless of circumstances. 

Instead of focusing on material possessions, I prioritize collecting positive experiences and happy feelings, making them a part of who I am. Whenever I have the chance to experience these moments, I seize them. While it can sometimes make me feel a little vulnerable, it’s more of an internal vulnerability that doesn’t make me open to being mistreated. Instead, it allows me to be more open and have healthier relationships.

It’s important not to feel sad when intimacy is unavailable in the moment. If we always feel sad when we can’t have intimacy, it can affect the intimate moments themselves and make them less special. Attaching the feeling of intimacy only to specific sources instead of having it as a part of our own selves can also lead to sadness. It’s something that requires effort and practice, like strengthening weak muscles. Choosing to be grateful for the experience instead of feeling sad is always a better approach, and it’s amazing how our experiences can affect us on a deep level.

Everyone has different experiences in life, even if they’re short or small. For me, it’s about being open, caring, and enjoying the pleasant things that come my way. I cherish these experiences and know that I can cherish them again in different circumstances. There’s never too much intimacy and happiness, and if we miss out on them today, we can’t make up for it later. Now is the best time, and I don’t want to miss out on these experiences by waiting for different circumstances or another person.

I don’t see a clear distinction between intimacy in regular life and in a companionship relationship because they are strongly connected for me. Some people might say it’s wrong and that emotional boundaries should be kept. But I have my boundaries, and I find it beneficial. I can have a close and fulfilling relationship during the time we have together. We can also have friendly conversations. Being intimate in this way doesn’t mean being delusional or strange. I also don’t allow others to take advantage of it. I understand that it can make people vulnerable in certain situations, but personally, I feel strong, open, and in control. I can experience everything I want without any unhealthy emotions getting in the way. Sadness and jealousy are not part of my approach because they are harmful and I want to live a long and active life. I also don’t want to harm others.

Will I continue this way? Probably yes. Each day, I realize how valuable every positive and pleasurable feeling is. As long as they are genuine and true, I want to embrace them all. Instead of waiting for something “big and in real life” I want to create a web of beautiful moments, states and laughs that create my entire life.